Peacock Gates

Peacock Gates Peacock Gates Our unique and beautiful peacock has landed in its new home. Contact Us Today!

Heart Sculpture

Heart Sculpture Heart Sculpture All you need is love and a heart sculpture to make you smile. Contact Us Today!

Dragon Sculpture

Dragon Sculpture Dragon Sculpture Our first large sculpture and certainly not our last. We created this mythical beast to land safely in our customers back garden. Using recycled metal and alot of time, this beautiful dragon now sits high and proud in its new home. Contact Us Today!

Bow Of Fife

Bow Of Fife Bow Of Fife A beautiful renovated church deserves a beautiful designed staircase. Using steel, glass and wood we have designed a bespoke staircase and walkway for our customers to use and enjoy everyday, giving their home that ‘wow’ factor. Contact Us Today!

Large Decking

Large Decking Large Decking We designed and created this very large decking with its unique shape that uses most of our customers garden, giving them alot of space to create their own memories. Contact Us Today!

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